World sport reacts to Russian invasion of Ukraine

World sport reacts to Russian invasion of Ukraine

AAfter issuing a statement recommending that no events be held in either Russia Where Belarusthe International Olympic Committee (IOC) have asked the international sports federations not to allow athletes from these two countries to participate in any tournament under the name of Russia Where Belarus.

the IOC stressed that by taking this step, the federations would be taking a step forward in their attempt to protect the integrity of the competitions, as well as the safety of the participants.

FIFA and UEFA suspend Russian clubs and national teams from all competitionsPA

Ban Russian athletes

the IOC the board has revealed that it will be withdrawing Olympic Order of all members of the Russian government who hold it, including Vladimir Poutinehis deputy prime minister Dmitri Chernychenkowho was in charge of Sochi Winter Games in 2014, and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, Dmitry Kozak.

“When this is not possible in the short term for organizational or legal reasons, the IOC EC urges International sports federations and organizers of sporting events around the world to do everything in their power to ensure that no athlete or sports official from Russia Where Belarus be authorized to participate under the name of Russia Where Belarus“, we read in the press release.

“Russian or Belarusian nationals, whether as individuals or teams, should only be accepted as neutral athletes or neutral teams. No symbol, colour, flag or national anthem should be displayed.”

Following the change of location of Champions League definitive and the cancellation of Formula 1it’s Russian Grand Prixseveral federations have taken more measures against Russia.

the Badminton International Federation (BWF) have canceled tournaments that were to take place in Russia and Belarus. He also determined that the flags of Russia and Belarus will not be displayed at any of their events, and anthems from both countries will not be heard until further notice.

BWF will continue to monitor the situation closely and will proactively consult with our partners in the international sports movement to discuss other options to potentially strengthen measures against the governments of Russia and Belarus“, read their statement.

Meanwhile, Moscow were stripped of Karate1-Premier League accommodation rights. The executive committee of the world karate federation unanimously decided to move the tournament to another venue which has not yet been chosen.

“The WKF wishes to express its hope for a speedy restoration of peace, normality and stability in Eastern Europe and in the world,” said a WKF noted statement.

“With the protection of all karate athletes at its core, the WKF will continue to do everything possible to ensure the best conditions for athletes at all WKF events.”

the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has already reacted by announcing that the flags of Russia and Belarus will not be broadcast and the anthems of these countries will not be played at international events organized by FIDE.

They will also terminate all existing sponsorship agreements with all Belarusian and Russian state-sanctioned and/or state-controlled companies.

the International Swimming Federation (FINA) decided to cancel the Junior World Championshipswhich were to be held in August in the Russian city of Kazan, and agreed that Russia will not hold any events in the future if the invasion of Ukraine keep on going. For now, however, the World Short Course Swimming Championships were not moved from Kazan.

During this time, the Australian Swimming Federation announced that they would not participate in the world Cup. The decision was made because they prioritize “the safety of athletes and staff” and they asked the International Swimming Federation find other “alternative” places to host the event “in complete safety”.

Taekwondo federation strips Putin of black belt

After the International Judo Federation suspended Putin as honorary president, taekwondo federation decided to strip him of his honorary ninth dan black belt, the one awarded to him in November 2013.

World judo body suspends Putin as honorary president

Russia and the World Cup

Fifa and UEFA decided that Russian players would not be allowed to compete under Russia‘s, while the country’s flag and anthem would be banned and any match would have to be played at a neutral venue behind closed doors.

Fifa decided to exclude Russia from Qatar World Cupfollowing appeals for the country’s exclusion from the tournament.

Sweden, Polandthe Czech Republic, England and France refused to play against Russia, and Fifahand in hand with UEFAmade the decision to eliminate Russia of the road to the 2022 World Cup.

Moreover, according to Bild, the Europa League round of 16 between RB Leipzig and Spartak Moscow (March 10 and 17) will be canceled by UEFA.

Ukraine calls for action against Olympic committees of Russia and Belarus

Ukrainian athletes demanded that the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees of Russia and Belarus To be suspended.

Russiathe invasion of Ukrainesupported by Belarusconstitutes a clear violation of the Olympic and Paralympic Charters – a violation that must be sanctioned with strong penalties,” reads an open letter they sent to IOC President Thomas Bach.