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White cunt on safari

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I think the two faced born this way looks like the best match on you! Thank god!!!. This is truly taking 1 for the team Dang dude you are brave How did the ship teleport anywhere and not end up under earth's crust or out in space Even if there was some simple way to propel or teleport objects with the energy levels available to our technology level, you'd need sophisticated computing power and sensors to control such a phenomenon You'd need nanosecond precision and millimetre spacial precision or you end up somewhere or somewhen undesirableYou'd also want to teleport in a hard vacuum, as you will be materialisng over the top of water, air or other objects If your ships volume is suddenly filled with an extra volume of air it would explode with 15 psi of internal force If it was water, well water is very incomprehensible and if it suddenly finds itself occupying the same volume as other mater or more water that's extraordinary internal pressure that's uncontained: BOOM! That background at the start was so sI love it Strippers blogspot. Could be worse she could be a panda and thinks she's white and black.

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