Kings Mountain pastors create online fitness program for all ages

Jeff Wilson said Fit Faith Co. was designed to teach people how to take care of themselves spiritually and physically.

At the height of the pandemic, Jeff Wilson noticed his fellow pastors were overwhelmed with the demands of preaching through a plague. They accepted more prayer requests and put their own needs aside to care for their congregations.

Wilson also saw daily stress take a toll on their bodies. After thinking about ways to help, he came up with the idea of ​​rolling out a program that would bring spiritual and physical needs together in one place.

Wilson, who was the pastor of Kings Mountain Church of the Nazarene, has since stepped down to move full-time into Fit Faith Co., an online fitness platform anyone can do from home.

“It was a collaboration between me and Chad Roberts, who is the co-founder,” Wilson said. “I am a pastor and I realize that many of my colleagues were struggling under the weight of the pandemic. It was physically damaging their health. We wanted to create an at-home program that they could jump straight into.