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Help children overcome hair loss with free custom wigs

Help children overcome hair loss with free custom wigs

BUFORD, Georgia /ACCESSWIRE/March 3, 2022/ Georgian luxury wig company Lu’s Wigs, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Lin Marsh, has announced the start of a new benefit scheme. Starting in 2022, the company will strive to provide children with hair loss with high-quality, completely free wigs.

Fight hair loss in children, no matter the cause or the cost

According to Healthline, there are a wide variety of conditions that can cause hair loss in children. From fungal infections and alopecia to trichotillomania and cancer treatment, hair loss can affect people of all ages. Dealing with these issues can place a heavy financial burden on parents, leaving little money for expensive wigs or mattress toppers. Even if they can afford it, finding wigs and toppers that fit well and feel authentic is a common struggle for many people. A well-fitting, well-made wig has the potential to be life-changing for someone struggling with hair loss, especially younger ones. It can help restore confidence, repair body image, and improve self-esteem.

Understand the impact of hair loss at an early age

Healthline notes that hair loss, while not exactly uncommon in children, can take a heavy toll on a child’s emotional and psychological health. Lu’s Wigs believes that no child should have to experience the psychological and emotional impact of hair loss at such an early age, regardless of their parents’ financial status or socio-economic status. The company, whose founder suffered hair loss aged just 14, understands the trauma that childhood hair loss can cause. This is what inspired the team to create this charity program. In the event that a family cannot afford a wig for their child, Lu’s Wigs will always create and customize a high quality wig for them at no cost to the family.

Helping Children Overcome Hair Loss: A Win-Win Situation for Everyone

Since the creation of this new program, the company has so far only had the opportunity to help one child. Because all Lu’s wigs for children are custom made by fit, color and cut to suit the individual they are made for, the team can only help one child at a time, but they hope to help hundreds. (even thousands) of children as the company grows. “We’re just happy to have such a direct impact,” said one team member. “We see the confidence and self-esteem that these wigs are helping to restore.”

Inspired by founder Lin Marsh’s experience with alopecia as a teenager, Lu’s Wigs is a luxury wig company that creates authentic wigs to help women feel like new after hair loss. After building Lu’s Wigs into a successful business, Marsh gives back to the community by providing free custom wigs to children.

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