Black Bean Quesadillas Recipe from Top Chef Kevin Curry

Black Bean Quesadillas Recipe from Top Chef Kevin Curry

Chef Kevin Curry is a big advocate for the importance of knowing what’s going into your food. The popular culinary prodigy and author of Fit Men’s Cook, has amassed over 1.6 million Instagram followers thanks to its healthy, tasty meals and easy meal preps. Curry, who has now teamed up with Dash to launch his own cooking collection, has a growing fan base of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who are understandably keen to watch their carb, salt and fat intake, and are even more enthusiastic about taking a break. brown rice and broccoli. The kitchen captain, from Dallas, TX, sat down with M&F and quickly provided us with all the information needed to whip up his awesome Refried Black Bean Quesadillas recipe. “The concept of meal prep definitely, I think, came out of bodybuilding,” says the charismatic cook.

Curry’s own journey to fitness and food responsibility began when he saw a “really bad” photo of himself on Facebook and realized he was out of shape. He took to Tumblr in 2012 to share his fitness progress and healthy meals online. Since then he has been featured by Forbes and has featured these simple, healthy dishes on major TV shows such as Hello America. “All I do is share the things I learn about myself,” Curry says. “And, if that resonates with you, then you can go ahead and do that too, so the things that you see in my recipes, like low sodium, no nitrates or no carbs in some cases, that’s it’s just me discovering the things that I respond to best.

Curry is a proponent that men who cook will be healthier and live longer, and if recent studies are something to pass, it is not wrong. Reports suggest that more than a decade can be added to life expectancy by modifying the typical Western diet (which contains lots of processed foods and refined grains, pus-rich meat and dairy products) and balancing it with more legumes, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.

This chef understands that meat is an important part of many people’s meal plans, but overall consumption of animal products can be reduced without compromising flavor. Case in point: curry indicates that ground turkey can be added to hummus to achieve both meat and a legume such as chickpea without compromising taste or texture. “I feel better when I eat a lot more vegetables,” shares the chef. “Plants, legumes and vegetables, those should be the stars. There are ways to incorporate meat and seafood.” In fact, Curry is reaching a point in his life where he can consider turning to plant-based options full-time.

As if this mealtime wizard wasn’t busy enough cooking up a storm, he’s also developed his own. tools for the kitchen alongside Dash, with an emphasis on functionality. The initial version, available now, includes a generously sized steel lunchbox, as Curry has observed that most prep lunchboxes are too small for hungry athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its frying pan is made of carbon steel because it heats up faster than stainless steel and cools quickly, which makes it perfectly practical. “There are fewer burns, especially for wellness seekers who cook with less oil,” Curry says. For good measure, it’s also thrown into a magnificent salt cellar.

So if your taste buds are starting to tingle and you’re looking for a meatless Monday, or any other day of the week for that matter, why not try this recipe for low carb, low salt quesadillas including avocado. ; a fruit containing healthy fats. Curry says that as her relationship with preparing and eating healthy foods has evolved, her physical fitness has improved, and so has her mental health. “I feel in control, and I feel powerful, and I feel at peace,” says the inspirational leader. “So if there’s a reason to be fit and be active, beyond aesthetics and looking good in the mirror, I’d say that’s how it makes you feel. It can make you feel good about yourself, and when you feel good about yourself, you can feel energized to fight another day. Race to the kitchen!

Kevin Curry’s Quick Refried Black Bean Quesadillas Recipe