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Alyssa Milano’s favorite shampoo to treat COVID-related hair loss is on major sale right now

Alyssa Milano's favorite shampoo to treat COVID-related hair loss is on major sale right now

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  • Alyssa Milano’s must-have shampoo for post-COVID hair loss is currently over 60% off.

  • The actress swears by Nioxin Cleansing Shampoo and its three-step system for thicker hair.

  • She has previously stated that the system, in combination with Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements“helped tremendously.”

Alyssa Milano was open and honest about her experience with Long-haul COVID. The actress caught the virus in March 2020 and is still dealing with lingering effects, the most annoying of which is hair losswhich occurs after the body experiences disease-related stress.

Luckily, after some trial and error and help from her hairstylist, the actress found a few products that bring her hair back to life. She shared the recommendations with Twitter last month, and its must-have repairing shampoo—Nioxin Cleansing Shampoo– is currently on sale on Amazon at 64% off. Yes, you read that right. The 33-ounce bottle went from $43.50 to $15.66.

In combination with the shampoo, Milano said she uses The Entire Nioxin Three-Step System for thicker hair including scalp conditioning conditioner and scalp and hair treatment as well as branded product Treatment for hair regrowth. the Charm star said that these products, more regular Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements “helped tremendously.”

Nioxin works because it uses advanced technology to deliver real solutions to get the most out of the hair you have, Keith R. Durante MDFACS., a microvascular hair surgeon once said Prevention. “It is primarily used to remove dirt and debris that can clog follicles as well as excess sebum, which is an indicator of dihydroxy testosterone (DHT). DHT has been identified as one of the main culprits of genetic-type hair loss, especially in men or women with hormonal imbalances,” he explained.

Nioxin contains nettle root extract, niacin, biotin, B vitamins and saw palmetto, which may help fight DHT. “It’s easy to use and safe; however, prolonged use is required before you see results,” Dr. Durante said. “It only works as long as you use it and it certainly doesn’t prevent genetic baldness.”

In August 2020, Milano shared a instagram video of her brushing her hair, showing the abnormal amount that came out in the brush. That’s when her hairdresser Linh Nguyen stepped in. “I told Alyssa, ‘Stop brushing your hair, we’re sending you Nioxin treatments right away,'” he previously said. People.

After they started using the system, they were both more than happy with what followed. “The best text I got this week was Alyssa saying her hair is much better and she’s continuing the Nioxin diet,” Nguyen said. People. “Her hair is thicker and she is happy with the results.”

The actress has been wearing a short haircut since late last year and just made her debut a new pink shade this week. “Pink hair. I don’t care,” she captioned a selfie. It confirms that — long or short, blonde or pink, COVID hair loss or not — there’s no hairstyle Milano can’t rock.

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